Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Upcoming Events

Events to look forward to this week and month: (all times SA - GMT +2)

1) Tomorrow at 9am - "The Divine Connection - Practical Tips for making the Qur'an a constant part of your life," - Radio Al-Ansaar with myself
2) Thursday at 3pm - "The Lost Legacy" - Free online webinar by Islamic Online University-Bangladesh with Dr. Bilal Philips and me.
3) 1 September - new semester begins at IOU (also my

birthday :P)
4) 1& 2 September - "Out Of Sight" - Al-Kauthar course by Shaykh Tariq Appleby in Durban about Angels, Jinn and Qadar (same course will take place the following week in Johannesburg)
5) 22-24 September - Muslimah Today Conference by ILM-SA in Durban - Durban's first women only conference with only female speakers!

It is going to be an exciting month so don't miss any of these events!

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