Friday, January 27, 2017

Islamic Self Help: Our New Website

Please note that we have moved to a new website, Islamic Self Help. For all our latest courses, articles, eBooks and videos, please visit:

Thank You

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New website launched - closing of this blog

As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Alhamdulillah, all praise is due to Allah who takes people from strength to strength and helps us in ways we never imagined.

When I began this blog four years ago, I never realized how much Khair people will take from it. Over time, I got busy with other projects and was not able to dedicate much time to this blog.

Alhamdulillah, now I have great news that my Official Website ( launched this week and all my blogposts from this blog have been transferred to that website.

As a result, I am officially closing this blog and any future posts will be posted directly to my new website.

May Allah make it a successful means of Dawah, and a source of Ajar, for all involved in it.
Thank you for your support and encouragement over the past few years
Was Salaam.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Alhamdulillah, thus far I have recorded 34 Tafseer lectures on a local Radio station (and counting) and now I want to turn these lectures into downloadable mp3 with transcriptions, as well as a book. To do this, I require your assistance!

The project has the following phases:
1) Recording of lectures - I am currently working on this (34 thus far)
2) Editing of audio files - removal of adverts, radio introductions and nasheeds - volunteers required
3) Transcription of audio files - volunteers required
4) Setting up a website for me - a website development team is required
5) Editing and compiling the transcriptions together into a book - I will do this inshaa Allah.

The files will be shared via Dropbox inshaa Allah.

Anybody who wishes to contribute to this project in any way, please contact me privately.

Jazakallah Khair
Was Salaam

Friday, September 21, 2012

Verse of the Day Collection 2012 - FREE E-Book!

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord and Creator and the universe who gave me the strength to complete this project, and I ask Allah to send His peace and blessings upon His final messenger Muhammad and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the Last Day.

I wanted to do something different and unique with the Qur’an this Ramadan. Every year we recite the Qur’an, sometimes multiple times, during the month of Ramadan yet how much of it do we understand or take heed from? I decided that if every day we pondered over just one verse of the Qur’an, it would have a deeper impact on us than reciting an entire Juz without understanding.

So I took up the task of studying the verses of the Qur’an everyday during my recitation, pondering over the meanings and researching their Tafseer, and posting it daily on my Facebook page. Every day I would do this with just one verse for the entire month of Ramadan. 

Alhamdulillah, I have compiled the various posts into one e-book and have uploaded it here for free downloading. Please download, share and pass on to others so that we can all share in the reward of understanding and following the Qur'an.