Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tips for Raising Muslim Children

As Salaam Alaikum

The following is a collection of status updates from my Facebook page dealing with raising Muslim children:

1. Too many parents don't prepare beforehand to raise their children. They learn on the job and this is very dangerous as you only learn your method is wrong after you see the result on a child! Before having children, young couples should read as many books as possible on raising Islamic children and work out a plan and goals for raising them. This will save us from many mistakes.

2. The first step to raising righteous children is to choose the correct spouse. If you and your spouse have different lifestyles and one wants to raise righteous children and the other does not, then this will cause much unnecessary confusion for the children and drama for the family. When getting married, don't just look for the right spouse, look for the right parent for your future children!

3. Don't think your children are too young to learn about Islam, even when you are pregnant, recite and listen to a lot of Quran as the fetus develops hearing at a very early stage. Sing to your babies Islamic songs, recite Quran to them, teach them basic forms of Dhikrs, etc.

Always attribute all good things to Allah and all bad things to Shaytaan's influence when talking to your kids. Don't wait till they are four or five to start. Do this from the time they are born.

4. Do not prevent your children and youngsters from having fun but create an environment and teach them the principles through which they can have fun in a Halal manner.

5. Parents should never forget that their children are human, just like them. Instead of expecting your kids to be perfect and sinless, deal with their mistakes realistically and calmly and help them become better Muslims in the same manner that you would like people to help and correct you

6. Do you have good friends who your children can look up to? If not, then don't expect them to choose good friends. Remember the people you associate with have an impact on your child's development.

7. Every child deserves to be embraced and loved. A child should never be regarded as an accident, mistake or unwanted pregnancy. If you are practicing contraception but still fall pregnant then do not treat that child as unwanted or a mistake but embrace him as a gift from Allah because Allah knows what is best for us

8. One of their best gifts you can give your kids are parents who love each other.

9. Parenting requires sacrifice. If you are not ready to give up a full nights sleep, going out when you want for how long you want and a few personal hobbies; in order to make time for your kids then you are not ready to be a parent. The early years of parenting require some major changes to one's lifestyle but they are long term investments and completely worth it.

10. Teach your children that when they attain puberty, they become adults responsible to Allah for their actions and inshaa Allah you might not have to ever deal with teenagers!

Will update with more later, inshaa Allah