Monday, May 9, 2011

Would you follow this man?

Consider the following:

A very pious and learned man with an international following moves into your area. He is known to be trustworthy, even by his enemies and is focused on calling the world to worship Allah alone. This man also has a big beard and multiple wives, some of his wives are much younger than him and all of his wives wear the niqab. My question is, "Would you follow this man?"

If your answer is no, then you are in a serious problem spiritually as the man I just described was the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This is a question I have been pondering over a lot lately, "If the prophet (peace be upon him) was alive today, how many Muslims would really love and follow him?"

If you have ever insulted a man for growing a beard, what would you tell the prophets of Allah, all of whom grew beards and encouraged it?

If you ever insulted a woman for wearing the Niqab, what would you tell the mothers of the believers, all of whom were veiled?

If you were called a Muslim man with multiple wives a womanizer, what would call the prophet (peace be upon him) who had a total of eleven wives during his lifetime?

Remember when you insult the beard, the niqab, polygamy or any other Sunnah, you are not insulting an individual, you are insulting the prophet (peace be upon him) and the religion he came with, which according to many scholars is an act of Kufr that can take one out of the fold of Islam!

If any of the above applies to you, it is time to re-evaluate your understanding of Islam, knowledge of the Seerah and love for the Messenger and his Sunnah. I will conclude with the words of the Allah:

"It is not befitting for a believing man or woman, if Allah or his messenger had decreed something, that they have any option in their matter, and whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has clearly gone astray," (Surah Al-Ahzab 33:36)

"If you ask them, they will say we were just joking and playing. Say to them: Is it Allah, His Signs and His Messenger that you are mocking? Do not make any excuses, you have disbelieved after having faith. If I forgive some of you, I will punish others among you because they are evil," (Surah Tawbah 9:65-66)