Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Benefits of Studying the BAIS with IOU

1. It provides a non-sectarian, authentic, Qur'aan- and Sunnah-based understanding of Islamic teachings.

2. It clears up the many misconceptions which have led some Muslims to espouse extreme views promoting violence and terrorism.

3. It provides those working in various professions an Islamic perspective from which to practice their professions while maintaining Islamic values and boundaries.

4. It empowers Muslim women who rarely have the opportunity to study the religion in depth and to address the contemporary, contentious gender-related issues.

5. It facilitates easy access to Islamic knowledge, as all of the courses are taught in the English medium with the exception of Arabic.

6. It offers a structured course for the study of Arabic, enabling students to master the basics of the Arabic language and preparing them to be efficient translators in the future.

7. It focuses on a well-rounded program of study by integration of contemporary subjects, such as management, economics, psychology, educational methodology, etc., all taught from a comparative perspective.

8. It is geared toward producing upright, productive citizens through its focus on ethical teachings of Islam in all spheres of life.

9. It promotes religious tolerance among its students and graduates by introducing them to the historical foundations of multicultural societies which Muslims established around the world like those in Spain, Baghdad, Cairo, Palestine, etc.

10. It develops multi-disciplined Imaams for working in English speaking countries where Islam is currently spreading at the fastest rate.

11. It properly prepares Islamic Studies Teachers for the recent trend towards establishing of modern Islamic international schools in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

12. It trains women to guide, teach and raise the next generation Islamically in order to provide a solid foundation for the global Islamic awakening currently in progress.

13. It prepares students adequately for further studies in Islamic disciplines on the MA and PhD levels.

14. It produces effective Muslim missionaries capable of conveying the message of Islam in the contemporary context.

15. It graduates highly qualified Islamic researchers for Islamic organizations, institutions and research centers.

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