Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Update

It has been over a month since I updated my blog. I think I'm suffering from writer's block! Can't get down to writing anything interesting lately. It is not like I lack ideas, rather my mind has been loaded with ponderings as of late, just not in much of a writing mood. I think I'm missing lecturing. I have not delivered a public lecture in months.

Anyway here are a few points I've been pondering over lately, just to share my thoughts:

1. My wife is due to deliver our third child anytime now. We are very excited and happy. I do not understand people who try to ruin such happiness and tell you to slow down, not have so many children,and just sprout negativity about kids in general. If we are happy, we are happy, don't try to ruin that.

For the record, we do practice family planning, we PLAN to have a very big FAMILY and raise our children to be practising leaders of the ummah. :P

2. The Islamic Online University is running well Alhamdulillah. Second semester has now began and I look forward to teaching new students. Through the IOU I have discovered the potential of using the internet as a Dawah platform and plan to branch out into other online projects.

3. Speaking of online projects, I have decided to teach private Islamic classes online for an hour a week at a set monthly fee, anybody who is interested in such classes can contact me via Facebook or email me at:

4. I have big dreams and goals, yet face many obstacles and failed projects but I will not stop, I am determined to accomplish some huge goals within the next few years Bi Iznillah.

Thats it for updates, I'll be posting something interesting soon inshaa Allah.

Please let me know if you are interested in online Islamic classes and we can work out a schedule, and please remember my family and I in your duas.

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