Monday, June 7, 2010

If Superheroes were Muslims

I want to write a Muslim Superhero story but till then here is some light humor. Some things I thought about while trying to think up a Muslim Superhero.

(If you do not find this funny or lack a sense of humor then simply do not comment and ignore this piece)

If Superheroes were Muslims:
They wouldn't wear tight-fitting costumes

If Superheroes were Muslims:
Most supervillains would strike at Salah time
(In this case, the heroes would utilize the Fiqh of Salah in Jihad)

If Superheroes were Muslims:
More Supervillains would convert to Islam than die

If Batman was a Muslim:
He'd keep that cool beard he had at the beginning of Batman Begins

If Superman was a Muslim:
Some Sufis would regard him as a Hazrat and regard his powers as Karamaat

If Spiderman was a Muslim:
He'd marry both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane, problem solved

If Ironman was a Muslim:
The war in Afganisthan would be over

If Wolverine was a Muslim:
He wouldn't hit on the X-women

If Magneto was a Muslim:
He'd look like Gandalf

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iMuslim said...

Funny, as controversial. Good thing I do have SOH. :)