Monday, April 5, 2010

Imaan-Boosting Motivational Tasks

Many a times we lack motivation to go the distance and be the best Muslims we can be. Here are a few tasks you can do that will boost your motivational levels, insha Allah:

1. Think of your favorite things that you love about Paradise and how much you want it (meeting Allah, meeting a relative who passed away, eternal life, etc), now think about what you are doing wrong in your life that might be preventing you from getting it (not praying, not wearing Hijab, backbiting, injustice, etc). Is Paradise not worth sacrificing for? Think about the above and make a pledge and effort to improve yourself to get what you want.

2. Attend a workshop or Islamic course taught by a dynamic tutor who makes you love Islam (not some boring scary molwy), this normally boosts my Imaan levels and gets me going to do my best!

3. Read a portion of the Qur'aan with translation and sit and ponder over its beauty and meanings and impact in your life.

4. Visit a friend who reminds you of Allah and makes you love Islam and want to practice Islam (not the self-righteous guy who makes you feel inferior to him)

5. Go outdoors on a beautiful day, sit in the sunlight and ponder over the beauty of Allah's creation (no guys, not the girls ,lower your gaze from them), pray two rakahs on the grass itself slowly with understanding.

6. Read my articles (just joking). Watch a motivational Islamic video (DVD, YouTube, PEACE TV) or read a motivational book or article.

Most importantly, change comes from within and from Allah. Make that effort, make du'a and Allah will help us find our way to Him and His Paradise.

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