Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just an update - IOU, Muslim Matters and more

I haven't updated my blog in a while because I have been very busy with the Islamic Online University (IOU) setting up their BAIS program which I am officially a Tutorial Assistant in. I would like to thank Dr Bilal Philips for this opportunity to be a part of this incrediblely creative method of imparting Islamic knowledge. If you don't know what the IOU is, check it out! Over fifteen free short courses in different Islamic topics and know the Full BAIS online tution free. Please check it out and do not let this opportunity to gain Islamic knowledge pass you by.

I am also very busy with Deenclass Durban, currently serving as a substitute Arabic teacher but will soon insha Allah have my own Arabic classes as well as monthly Youth workshop so stay tuned for that!

As of late I have been posting most of my articles on Muslim Matters.org since they receive a much larger readership than this blog. So for now I won't be posting many articles here unless I find an article of mine too controversial for a big blog. ;)

Here is a nice article to read by MJ Khan about the arrivals about which I said in my latest Jumah lecture, "The Arrivals is a bunch of crap and we should not waste our time with it as we have more important things to learn from"

My Radio lecture series (Friday 9am - radio Al-Ansar)is going extremely well, I don't have it up online but you can download or listen to the youth program we had on Radio Al-Ansar with myself, MJ Khan, Fatima Asmal, Zain Bhikha, Baba Ali and more here.

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