Thursday, February 18, 2010

CM Punk should be a Muslim

The WWE is not a good place for Muslims to take their role models from. Whether it is the beer-drinking finger-flipping Steve Austin or the women who dress so bad, it is Haraam to even look at them. (unless you are Superbuzrug and don't feel desire when looking at them)

Of course, the biggest problem with the WWE (and many other sports) is that smoking, drug usage, steroids and alcohol consumption are common amongst their stars, which is something no Muslim wants their kids to emulate. This is what makes CM Punk so unique. When I first heard about CM Punk's straightedge gimmick, I was happy that at least he is promoting something good on screen, even though I know that the WWE is staged (not fake). However, when I learned that he really is straightedge i.e. he does not drink, smoke or take drugs, I became curious and did some research on him. So here are my thoughts on CM Punk:

1. It is sad that being straightedge makes CM Punk unique in the WWE when in reality, that is how we all should be. CM Punk probably never heard the true message of Islam, if he did, he'd be happy to know that there is a straightedge religion, i.e. a religion which condemns all forms of smoking, drug usage, steroids and alcohol consumption. The perfect religion for him and if he joins us, he will be joining the world's largest straightedge family. He even started growing a nice beard now, which will make him fit in even more.

I would encourage CM Punk and other straight-edge people to study Islam, in fact if I would jump at the chance to sit with him and discuss our commonalities and differences. He'll be more at home with us than in the WWE. Just a thought.

2. As a heel (thats the wrestling term for bad guy) CM Punk plays the preachy Holier-than-thou character. Another lesson for Muslims, many of us fall into this same trap. When we get pious and grow a beard, we tend to talk other people down and behave like we have always been perfect. Watch CM Punk talking to the audience, notice that most of what he says is true, why do they boo and hate him? Because of the manner in which he said it and his character, i.e. been holier-than-thou. Now be introspective and see if you do not have the same fault and come across as Holier-Than-Thou when correcting people. If you do, make a change! Become humble by thinking about your own sins and weaknesses. If you don't have this fault, praise Allah and keep humble.

Who said you can't take out Islamic lessons from Western Media. ;-)

Stay Strong! Stay Drug Free!


Anonymous said...

Lovely article Akhi!!!
Something which we can all learn from..


lili.johnson said...

I sent this link 2 his twitter I pray GOD guide him 2 the right path he deserves all good

Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar said...

Thanks for sending him a link, I think we need to reach out to influential people with our Dawah more, and guidance is only in Allah's Hands.

Nabeel Khan said...

Ya... it sounds so gooood..

CM Punk..
Cult Muslim Punk !

Though I wanted Cena to embrace Islam but you've made a good point here.. it's quite logical.